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Deck & Fence Restoration 

Our deck cleaning process will remove most dirt, mildew and graying caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays Our team follows a comprehensive deck cleaning process to smooth the restoration process and ensure quality results on every project. Affordable Cleaning Solutions adheres to a thorough deck sealing process to ensure our clients have attractive, resilient decks for years to come. Our deck sealing/staining and deck cleaning services are available in Central Ohio.

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                   Deck Restoration 

Unprotected wood is susceptible to natural degradation caused by seasonal weather and condensation. Rain, melting snow, and morning dew are quickly absorbed by unprotected wood, which results in the softening and swelling of the wood.


                 Deck Restoration 

The sun’s heat causes drying, which makes the wood shrink. These cycles of wet and dry, swelling and shrinking, cause wood to warp, split, crack and check- all of which led to premature wood life and expensive repairs.

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                 Deck Restoration 

Deck paint restoration coatings are thick enough

to fill all cracks, knotholes, and splinters, and they provide a completely new textured surface that can last as long as 13 years without additional applications


                 Deck Restoration 

Our five-step process is the most comprehensive deck maintenance system in the marketplace.

1. Power Wash (deep clean wood)
2. Dry time
3. Tighten nails/screws
4. Sand all flat surfaces
5. Stain wood to capacity using professional-quality custom deck stain

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                 Fence Restoration 

 Fence Restoration & Sealing  are key to protecting your wood structure’s natural beauty.


               Fence Restoration 

Fences, decks, and other outdoor structures are a large investment, and we are passionate about protecting that investment. With our efficient processes, superior products, and thorough communication, we have the tools and ability to both protect your structure and increase your curb appeal.

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